Investment Asset Management

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Investment Asset management covers many areas like entry of Asset Values through to graphing the Assets growth

Much of InvestmentPlan is designed around the information on the Assets, the samples below show the basic information captured, graphed and reported on Assets.

  • The Asset module gives the ability to enter the expected return and multiple valuations, as it is important to be able to measure the returns of investment assets over time periods, to see if the returns have met expectations, and to compare with other assets or market indicators.
  • Has flexibility in the amount of asset details you enter. The more entered the greater the benefits in the analysis parts of the system, for example when comparing the growth of your assets compared to a market indicator.
  • Can utilize foreign value and exchange rates.
  • Asset values or returns can be graphed over selected periods.
  • Risk factors can be allocated to assets.

Graph Assets

Assets History report



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