Financial Goals

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Setting financial goals, and being disciplined to achieve them, is extremely important for some people.

The purpose of this function is to find the return required on your investments to achieve your financial goals. Many goals can be entered for comparison of the required return. Goals can also be entered in stages, for example: save $10,000 in 1 year, followed by $12,000 by end of second year, and $15,000 by end of 3rd year. The calculation will show the return required each year to meet each annual goal. The calculations can use your net worth or surplus income as inputs for the goal calculations. Progress can be determined by calculating the required return from any date during the goal period, by entering the value you have managed to save, along with the date and a new Income if appropriate.

Calculators for; Net Worth, Surplus Income, Assets Actual Returns, Future/Present Value, are included on this form to assist planning of achievable financial goals.




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