Portfolio Profile and Asset Allocation

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Determining the appropriate diversified asset portfolio is critical to long term investing and reduction of investment risk.

The portfolio should meet the investors goals, and fits the investors risk profile.

InvestmentPlan was designed to provide tools to assist the financial planning process, a critical part of this are the Portfolio Profile and Portfolio Asset Allocation modules.

Portfolio Profile   (refer below for snapshot of form/window)

  • Any of 10 portfolios can be chosen based on the return required and acceptable risk.
  • Compounded portfolio returns are shown for up to 20 years to emphasize the impact of the chosen portfolio values.
  • Shows the impact of different portfolio allocations, over time, on the Investors value they are investing.
  • Calculates the Portfolio; Allocation Return, Target Return, Risk Rating, and percentage at risk
  • Compares the risk of the Portfolio with the Investors risk profile.

Portfolio Asset Allocation (refer below for snapshot of form/window)

  • Compares your actual asset allocation and historic returns on any date with the selected portfolios allocation and return.
  • Shows the impact of adding a new asset to the portfolio.

Portfolio Profile  - window/form snapshot

Portfolio Asset Allocation - window/form snapshot



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