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Product Overview

Click on the links below for a description of the functions within InvestmentPlan , and to view samples of the programs.


Portfolio Profile and Asset Allocation


Investment Asset Management


Expense and Income


Debt, Loans, Liabilities


Financial Position


Investors Risk Profile


Investment and Portfolio Risk


Economic Market Indicators


Property Investments


Investing in Companies (Shares/Equity)


Cash Investments and Exchange rate


Retirement Planning


Financial Goals


Click to view a number of sample window snap-shots


Charts, Graphs, and Reports

  • Many of the modules utilise graphs with flexible selection and display features.

  • There are a number of graphical reports which can be displayed or printed if a paper copy is required. This includes a report suitable for your accountant to produce tax returns etc.



  • Colour coding is utilised to highlight good or bad results, plus warnings.

  • Results given in tabular form and charts/graphs for visual impact.

  • Extensive use of help and hints are available to guide you through the system.

  • Utilise very little data, or get greater accuracy and meaningful results by entering detailed information. 



A 14 day free trial is available, so prior to purchasing the InvestmentPlan license you can be sure you are getting a product you want. 

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The majority of the InvestmentPlan calculations and tools are relevant to investors in any economy, however, InvestmentPlan was developed initially for the New Zealand market, so some terminology may have a New Zealand flavour.


System Requirements




Product Overview - pro version


The "Pro" version includes the same functionality, but has been designed for Investment Advisors, so has further features. This additional functionality allows the Advisors to customise InvestmentPlan to reflect how they wish to use InvestmentPlan for their clients.

Additional features of pro version

  • Investment Advisor can incorporate their own Investment Risk knowledge into the Risk assessment process. The Risk Questionnaire can be fully customised, including the number of questions, the category of questions, the questions and answers, and the ratings given to the answers.

  • The Portfolio Profiles and Asset Allocations can be fully customised. This allows Advisors to better cater for their clients, and the Asset Categories the Advisors promote. The Asset Categories can be altered, as can the percentage allocated to each Asset Category within any Portfolio Profile. The target returns for the Portfolio can also be customised.

  • Multiple investors are catered for, with each Investors data securely separated.




If any of the following is you,

Buy InvestmentPlan now

  • You want to improve the likelihood of getting the returns from investments you need or want.

  • You want more control over investment decisions and your financial future.

  • You are extremely busy, so need an efficient tool to assist investment decision making.

  • You lack knowledge or experience in some investment areas.

  • You require help to be disciplined to adhere to plans.

  • You want an advantage over someone who merely reacts to events as they unfold, by planning what you want to achieve financially and how you intend to achieve it.

  • You want to see how exchange rate changes can increase, or decrease your returns.

  • You wish to see how the market or economic indicators relate to investment asset returns, and in some cases can be used to predict future returns.

  • You would like to understand and utilise proven financial planning methods like diversification and asset allocation.

  • You want to see the possible returns from borrowing to buy appreciating assets.

  • You need to see how much better off you would be if you did not borrow to buy depreciating assets.

  • You want to evaluate a companies financials for investment purposes.

  • You wish to estimate a companies future share price.

  • You need to create a budget to have good control over your expenses.

  • You wish to evaluate the financial impact of renting a home or purchasing a home.

  • You need to plan for retirement.

  • You want to set and evaluate financial goals.

  • You wish to evaluate a property investment.

  • You wish to determine your investment risk profile, to help choosing investments that match your risk profile.

  • You wish to calculate mortgage payments.

  • You wish to compare the financial impact of purchasing an item interest free or paying cash.

  • You want to calculate ratios to help determine how well you are managing your finances.

  • You would like to understand some basic rules, which can make a significant difference to your long term financial wellbeing, and you need the tools to calculate or provide the discipline to adhere to the rules.

  • You wish to view market cycles and understand the phases of the cycles that can give an advantage that leads to higher returns than average.



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