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KiwiSaver calculator to compare and calculate Kiwi Saver returns you may get from different schemes, fees taken out, and total contributions by you and your employer .

To help determine whether you should participate in a KiwiSaver scheme, you need to compare schemes that KiwiSaver scheme providers are offering. ISoftware provides a calculator which allows you to calculate the value you will get from different schemes. Scheme providers should give you an expected annual percentage return for the scheme, plus the fees they charge for managing the scheme. The end value that you receive can vary significantly with only small differences in the annual return percentage, especially if you are young when you join the scheme. 

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Retirement calculator - Determining your financial needs in retirement is extremely important to achieving the retirement you have worked hard for. To understand whether the value you receive from your KiwiSaver scheme will meet your needs, you should calculate the sum you require at the start of the retirement period, as it is this sum, and how it is invested, that will provide the financial security in your retirement. ISoftware provides a comprehensive retirement calculator as one of the many tools in the InvestmentPlan product which is available as a free trial. Click for details on the InvestmentPlan   product.

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