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A very cheap price for a comprehensive investment software package.



These prices are only valid for the on-line and off-line license purchase processes offered on this web site and may change in the future.


Product Price (GST inclusive)
InvestmentPlan NZ$ 390
InvestmentPlan  - 1 year NZ$ 290
InvestmentPlan  - 6 months NZ$ 190
InvestmentPlan  Pro NZ$ 2000


The "1 year" will expire after 1 year, and the "6 months" will expire after 6 months.

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All products are a single PC/workstation license. Contact ISoftware if a multi user client/server installation is required. For product details go to Products & Services page.





What do you get when you purchase a InvestmentPlan license ?


  • A license to install and use the full InvestmentPlan software product.

  • Free 12 month access to all market indicator data provided by ISoftware. There may be a fee to access certain market indicator data after this period.

  • Sample data to assist learning how InvestmentPlan works.

  • Documentation to inform and educate on how to use InvestmentPlan. This includes sample data documentation, so that the samples can be followed through the system.

  • Two free support events (via email) in the first two months after purchase date.  "Pro" has 6 free support events (via email) in the first six months after purchase date. Subsequent support may require payment of a fee depending on the nature of the support required. An additional support contract is available for the pro version on request.



Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club International.








ISoftware is a New Zealand company, and all prices and transactions are in New Zealand dollars. Payment will be made with credit card through a secure web page provided by a seperate electronics payment provider. ISoftware will not be collecting or storing credit card numbers or expiry date for on-line purchases. ISoftware  will only collect and store the customer information required for customer management processes.

Refund policy. The free trial has been provided so that you can try the software before you purchase, therefore you should not purchase until you are confident the product meets your needs. The License agreement, which all customers must accept, covers the warranty conditions. A refund will not be accepted after the warranty period. If a refund is to be made, then a refund will only be a credit card charge reversal on the credit card used for the purchase and verified. Contact ISoftware to request a refund.

Copyright ISoftware Limited 2015.  Except where otherwise noted and where otherwise required by the context, the contents of this website and its layout and design are protected by Copyright and may not be reproduced or copied except with the prior written permission of ISoftware Limited as Copyright owner.

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