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Development of web based software, web sites, and windows software development.

Products for Investors, Investment Advisors, Financial Planners.


ISoftware develops software solutions.

Currently 2 Products are being marketed : 

  • One for individual investors
  • One for Investment Advisors or similar professionals

InvestmentPlan has been designed for individual investors. Click for product details.

InvestmentPlan pro has been designed for investment advisors to use for their clients. The pro version allows unlimited investors and provides customisation so that the investment advisor can use InvestmentPlan as a tool to use with their clients to reflect the advisors recommendations like the allocation of asset classes within different portfolios. Click for product details.

Webs sites

ISoftware can build your web software.

If you want to sell products, collect customer information, or show case you business, ISoftware can build a custom solution that meets your needs. The expertise at ISoftware is in database design and software development, so if your needs are for more than a simple "glossy" web site, you need us.

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If you are new to having an Internet presences, then ISoftware can provide advice or information on how best to achieve your requirements. 

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Domain names for sale

There is a great .co.nz domain names for sale, which is surplus to our requirements. If you wish to purchase this either as domain names, or with web sites, then Contact ISoftware now.





ISoftware provides all the services required to support the software developed and marketed.





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