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Please note:
(1) The purchase process has been switch off while a new product is being developed and tested.

(2) The free trial of the old version is still available, but you may experience some installation issues if you are running Windows 7 (or above), due to a SQL database version issues, sorry about this.
(3) The new version will have basically the same functions as the current version, except for downloading market data from the ISoftware web site.


You can either purchase a license on-line from this web site using a secure connection or off-line by mailing a purchase form with payment details.


The on-line Purchase process is as follows;

  • Enter your Customer details.

  • Enter credit card details on the secure web page.

  • A license key will be Emailed to you.

  • A tax invoice/receipt will be Emailed to you.

  • Down load InvestmentPlan software and install.


Check the System Requirements


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Note: Installation time;

  • The installation time can range from a couple of minutes to several minutes depending on; (1) your connection speed, and (2) whether you already have the system software components required by InvestmentPlan installed. The 2 largest components are Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition, and Microsoft .NET framework. These will install automatically if you do not have them already.



The off-line Purchase process is as follows;

  • Fill in the form provided with your customer and payment details. Note: you will need to read the license agreement to complete the form.

  • When payment and the form are received you will be mailed a CD with the InvestmentPlan software to install

  • A license key will be Emailed to you

  • A tax invoice/receipt will be included with the CD.

  • Any future updates or upgrades will only be available via the internet and not on CD. The InvestmentPlan software will look for these on the internet automatically if you are connected.

  • Note: this is for New Zealand customers only. The CD will only be posted to a NZ address, and payment must be NZ credit card or cheque.


click to start the off-line license purchase process.



Free Trial

A 14 day free trial is available, so prior to purchasing the InvestmentPlan license you can be sure you are getting a product you want.


The free trial has the following limitations;

  • No data will be able to be saved so you will be limited to using the Sample Investor data provided, which allows you to see how InvestmentPlan  works. You will be able to enter your own inputs to many calculation, but the results will not be saved.

  • The Investment Risk questionaire is not shown.

  • No market indicator data will be able to be downloaded, but some will be provided with the sample data to show the graphing functions etc.

  • Many setup, administration, and system functions will not be available.

  • The customer web site access will not be available.


The free trial process is as follows;

  • Enter your required details, like E-mail address.

  • Answer a short questionnaire.

  • A trial license key will be E-mailed to you.

  • Down load and install the InvestmentPlan software.


Check the System Requirements


click to start the free trial process.





Upgrade from free trial to Licensed customer

Follow the purchase process, but you do not need to download the software, all you will need to do is enter the license key when you receive it.


Click for full details on the Upgrade process.






Refund policy.


License Agreement




Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club International.



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