Snapshots of InvestmentPlan 2007 forms (windows)

These snapshots show what many of the InvestmentPlan 2007 forms (windows) look like. By looking at these you can get an understanding of the comprehensive functionality InvestmentPlan 2007 provides.



  1. Liability/Debt/Loan

  2. Calculate the true cost of borrowing for items losing value (depreciating).

  3. Calculate the benefits of borrowing for items increasing in value (leverage)

  4. Retirement calculator

  5. Financial Goals

  6. Analyse Financial position

  7. Budget report

  8. Expenses report

  9. Asset History report

  10. Cash Investment calculator

  11. Portfolio Profile

  12. Budget Entry

  13. Asset Allocation

  14. Portfolio Risk Analysis

  15. Growth Chart

  16. Property Investment Evaluation

  17. Company Evaluation (Fundamentals)

  18. Estimate of Companies future value

  19. Buy verses Rent

  20. Compare Trends






True cost of borrowing for depreciating items calculator (items losing value)

Example: Calculate the real cost of purchasing a $40,000 car with a $30,000 loan


Calculate the benefits of borrowing for items increasing in value (leverage)

Calculate the return and profit for a property which is an asset gaining value.


Retirement calculator

Calculate the sum required at the start of your retirement period and the investment returns you need to reach this sum.


Financial Goals

Analyse which financial goals are achievable.


Analyse Financial Position




Budget Report



Expenses Report

Partial extract showing the proportion of expenses in 2005-2006.


Asset History Report

Partial extract showing the changing value of the Home from 1996 to 2006.




Cash Investments calculator

Shows the impact of fees and different compounding periods.


Portfolio Profile



Budget Quick entry



 Asset Allocation



Portfolio Risk Analysis



Growth Chart



Property Investment Evaluation





Company Evaluation – Fundamentals






Estimate of Companies Future Value


Investment Property  “Buy verses Rent”


Compare Trends


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