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Save Not Spend calculator helps determine why you should save and not borrow to purchase an item.

Many people are borrowing to purchase items which lose value very fast. The amount of money lost when borrowing is a lot greater than if they had saved and paid cash for the item, or paid cash for a cheaper item. Items like cars and home appliances, are relatively cheap now compared to 10 or 20 years ago, but this low cost means that they lose value faster because the demand for old used items is reduced. ISoftware provides a calculator which allows you to calculate the total amount lost. This is a simplified version of the calculator provided with the InvestmentPlan 2007  product. 

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Debt calculator - Determining the cost of using loans to purchase items losing or gaining value (depreciating or appreciating) is important. ISoftware provides a comprehensive debt calculator as one of the many tools in the InvestmentPlan product which is available as a free trial. Click for details on the InvestmentPlan 2007  product. The debt calculator has the flexibility of changing interest rates, lump sum payments, alternative depreciation and mortgage calculation methods, and changing saving interest rates when calculating the opportunity cost. The opportunity cost, is what you could have done with the money instead of using it to purchase an item. The results show details of each payment including the summary.

Click for details on the InvestmentPlan 2007 product - software designed to help you achieve investment success.



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