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Upgrade from free trial to Licensed customer

You can either purchase the license on-line from this web site using a secure connection or off-line by mailing a purchase form with payment details.


The on-line Upgrade Purchase process is as follows;

  • Enter your Customer details.

  • Enter credit card details on the secure web page.

  • A license key will be Emailed to you.

  • A tax invoice/receipt will be Emailed to you.


click to start the on-line license purchase process.



The off-line Upgrade Purchase process is as follows;

  • Fill in the form provided with your Customer and payment details. Note: you will need to read the license agreement to complete the form.

  • When payment is received a license key will be Emailed to you

  • A tax invoice/receipt will be Emailed to you.

  • Note: this is for New Zealand customers only. The payment must be NZ credit card or cheque.


click to start the off-line license purchase process.




Refund policy.


License Agreement


Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club International.






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