This calculator has been provided to help New Zealanders determine the financial impact of joining a KiwiSaver scheme. This calculator is provided by ISoftware, an investment software developer, which is totally independant. This calculator is provided to help those who do not have the knowledge, tools, or time to do these calculations. ISoftware is in no way responsible for any actions taken or decisions made as a result of calculations made with this calculator. Your final decision should be based on the information provided by the providers of the KiwiSaver schemes you are evaluating, or join, but this calculator is a useful tool for validating or comparing this information. Please read the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page. KiwiSaver - Calculate the value you can expect from KiwiSaver schemes Enter or select the appropriate values below (between the green lines), then click the Calculate button. For a comprehensive retirement calculator, effective budgeting software, and many more tools which will allow you to take control of your investment decisions, download the FREE trial of InvestmentPlan software from the ISoftware web site ( Fees Paid $ Gross Annual Income   Employer Contribution     Start Date No. of years to contribute Initial kick start Annual Tax Credit Annual Fee Subsidy Period End Date Your Contribution Employer Contribution % of salary Inflation Rate (%) estimated annual salary increase (%) Note: Your values you receive will more than likely differ from those shown here due to many variables changing which can not be fully accommodated or anticipated like tax rate changes, returns from schemes, pay rises, periods of no pay, etc. Assumptions: Pay rises are annually on the aniversary of starting the scheme. Payments go into the scheme on last day of the month. Fixed Fees come off before calculations, Percentage fees apply after calculations. Year totals are on aniversary of joining, not the end of the Tax year. The 1st of month is used as over long periods of time a specific day in the month becomes irrelevant. Tax Credit and Fee Subsidy are added at end of each 12 month period. StartDate Your Contribution Date % changed % of salary contribution % Date % changed contribution % Date % changed contribution % Date % changed contribution % Government Contribution Payment Date Payment Value Payment Date Payment Value Any Lump Sum Payments KiwiSaver Scheme A KiwiSaver Scheme A Results KiwiSaver Scheme B Results Monthly Fee ($) Expected Annual % Return (Net Tax) Annual Fee (%) KiwiSaver Scheme B Monthly Fee ($) Expected Annual % Return (Net Tax) Annual Fee (%) Total Account Value Total Account Value Fees Paid Year 1   Year 10 Last Year Cumulative over total duration Year 5 Year 3 Year 2 Total Account Value "Todays Money" "Todays Money" means adjusted for inflation (at the rate chosen above) "Todays Money" means adjusted for inflation (at the rate chosen above) Total Account Value "Todays Money" $ $             $ $ $ $ $ $ % % % % % % % %   %   $ $ $ $ $

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