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Management of Expenses and Income

Budget creation, and the management of expenses and income, is important for some investors to achieve investment goals.

All relevant income can be captured in InvestmentPlan whether the income is a salary, dividends received from a share investment, or rent from property investments, etc. The income along with expenses, are used for calculating the investors surplus income for a period.  The income and expenses are also used to assess an investor’s ability to save for goals like retirement, or in the calculations for risk tolerance.

InvestmentPlan gives you the flexibility to record expenses in either detailed or summary form depending on how you want to use InvestmentPlan. If you wish to utilize the budgeting functionality to help you manage your cash flow, it may be appropriate to enter detailed expense items, for example; your weekly petrol cost, or your monthly mortgage payments. If you only need to know what your annual surplus income is, then you only need to enter an annual total expense.

Some of the features:

  • Expenses can be inflation adjusted and transferred to the next financial year.
  • Expenses can be grouped by category for assessment, and applied to individual assets or liabilities if this is relevant.
  • Expenses can be on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual or ‘one-off’ basis.
  • Income can have a number of deductibles (taxes) applied.
  • Reports are available for display or printing.

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