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InvestmentPlan was developed because there was a need to address the following;

  • Markets cycle, and investors can benefit from understanding these cycles.
  • Tax, Fees, Exchange Rate, and Compounding Period can have major effects on low return investments.
  • Understanding your investor profile, and matching your investment portfolio to this can result in better long term results.
  • Investments need regular monitoring, and under performers replaced.
  • Many hours can be wasted searching the internet for investment information or writing complicated spreadsheets to provide answers.
  • Many people have limited investment knowledge, confidence, or discipline in some or all areas of investment.

InvestmentPlan is an innovative new product that has been developed for people who want to reach the highest level of personal financial security possible given their circumstances. Knowing what you want to achieve financially and how to react to events to achieve it, gives you an advantage over someone who merely makes random, unstructured or uneducated decisions as they go through life. The effect of compounding, exchange rates, market cycles etc, have a huge impact on investment returns. InvestmentPlan shows the impact of these and how you can benefit. There is a vast amount of personal financial investment information and tools available. InvestmentPlan has the advantage of consolidating a number of these into one product, plus has innovative methods in many areas, like the analysing of investment risk. It is extremely important for your financial health to wisely use some of your time to plan, analyse, and control your investments or financial decisions. InvestmentPlan has been designed to do this as efficiently as possible.

Product Overview - pro version

The "Pro" version includes the same functionality, but has been designed for Investment Advisors, so has further features. This additional functionality allows the Advisors to customise InvestmentPlan to reflect how they wish to use InvestmentPlan for their clients.

Additional features of pro version

  • Investment Advisor can incorporate their own Investment Risk knowledge into the Risk assessment process. The Risk Questionnaire can be fully customised, including the number of questions, the category of questions, the questions and answers, and the ratings given to the answers.
  • The Portfolio Profiles and Asset Allocations can be fully customised. This allows Advisors to better cater for their clients, and the Asset Categories the Advisors promote. The Asset Categories can be altered, as can the percentage allocated to each Asset Category within any Portfolio Profile. The target returns for the Portfolio can also be customised.
  • Multiple investors are catered for, with each Investors data securely separated.